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Graduate Institute of A.I. Cross-disciplinary Tech

Master`s Program

Program Duration

  • 1-4 years

  • ​ English Compulsory Instructions:

    • After admission, graduate students must choose 4 credits of English courses as compulsory credits from the English courses required by the university department and open for postgraduate elective courses, or English courses offered by foreign departments. This English course is an additional method.

    • During the study period, those who hold the English test report within the time limit and the English test score of "Common European Language Reference Standards" (CEFR) B1 (equivalent to the intermediate re-examination of the national English test) can be credited for 4 credits of compulsory English courses. (English credit comparison table)

    • Those who do not have credits can take 4 credits of English credits or applied foreign language courses at their own expense after the start of the semester.

    • The compulsory 4 credits of English must be completed before the oral examination for the degree application. To avoid affecting the graduation schedule, please take the courses or complete the credits no later than one semester before the graduation of the graduate school.



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